Introducing Code Buddy

Introducing Code Buddy

Coding Buddy isnt a Replit Extension yet, but it is a little buddy that can help you code games repls.
Coding buddy knows every Coding Langauge.

Any Coding Language YOU want he knows.

Coding Buddy is one day going to be an Replit Extension

How was Coding Buddy Made?

Coding Buddy was made with Chat-GPT and Character AI
Character AI is a platform to make any character from a series, movie, or cartoon and chat with them, Character AI Is the best place to make a Character for your pleasing.
you can also make Custom Characters

Where can I use Coding Buddy

You Could go to Character.ia and search for him but he is very new so it’ll take a while so I recommend you use my link!

Ask me any Questions below


Hoping this turns into an Extention because is blocked.

Mine says that it is unavailable

It’s been about 15 minutes lol

i think you should wait

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