Internal server error when importing pupils from Google Classroom

Internal server error when importing pupils from Google Classroom:

Google Classroom Roster Import

Import student rosters from Google Classroom to Replit Teams for Education.

An error occurred. Please contact support.
Internal server error

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I seem to get the same error message and issue. Any solution?

Having the same issue here - this is debilitating and without a solution soon, we’ll be forced to migrate everything out of Replit. :cry:

@DavidRodrigu155 have you followed this guide If that doesn’t work have you contacted support

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@SalladShooter Thanks, I did follow that guide (not much of a guide, really) and had not previously contacted support because in the labyrinth they’ve built for support, I basically have to lie and say it’s about Teams Pro in order to message them without just being redirected here - which is how I got here to start with.

So I claimed it was about Teams pro and now…

We wait. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I have the same problem.

Hey @MartinezRene welcome to the forums!

Have you followed the steps I replied with above?

Yes, I did.
The option used to work. I will use .csv import as an alternative.