Inquiry about Discord bot 24/7


Can I run a Discord bot for 24 hours?
Is there more than one regular bot or does it require a subscription to run 24 hours?

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To run your discord bot 24/7, you must deploy it on a Reserved VM, which starts at just $6.40 a month.


Adding on here, if you get the Core plan, you get $8 in flexible credits across all deployments, which can cover the $6.40 per month. The $8 credits renew every month.


In order to maintain a 24/7 bot you need to pay for a service, any others option could be seen as discord api abuse and violation of discord TOS.

Basically, a service need to be assigned to ping your bot every so often to keep it alive.

Research api services if this is still an interest.

Only other solution would be to run it locally 24/7 which usually isn’t a sufficient option.

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What? That doesn’t make sense.

…which is no longer possible on replit. Deploying is the only option.