INPUT / OUPUT TESTS python not working


I’m trying to use input / output testing to create automatically graded exercises for my students.
The probleme is that it seems that it does not work. I’ve created a program that only prints “TOTO”, then i’ve created a tests that matches “TOTO” in the output. But when i launch it , it always fail. When I click on results, the “actual output” and “difference” fields are empty, as if the test were never executed.

Any clue ? Thank you in advance

Hello, this is related to another topic which contains workarounds:

The current fix for input/output tests is to replace the contents of both .replit and replit.nix hidden files with the code from an older template. (Do not confuse the fix for unit tests as the solution for I/O tests.) See this post:

I think the removal of something called prybar is responsible for this, so an easier solution might be to use prybar template, but I am not certain about that.

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Thank you ! Replacing the contents of the .replit and replit.nix files has worked for me.

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