Improving Voting On Replit Ask

My feature request is to make it where you can vote even if the topic is closed.

The problem is when a topic is closed you can’t vote meaning people can’t make their voice heard on Replit Ask.

The problem I had was when one of my featured requests got closed it was then that I noticed that when its closed you can’t vote this means that if there’s a topic I agree with and it’s closed my voice won’t be heard!


This is something to request on Discourse meta. This link will create the topic in the correct category wth the right tags Discourse Meta


Your feature request to allow voting on closed topics in Replit Ask is a valid suggestion. Enabling voting on closed discussions would ensure that users can still express their agreement or support for an idea even after it has been closed. This could enhance user engagement and allow voices to be heard on important topics even if the discussion phase is concluded. It’s a valuable consideration for improving the platform’s user experience and feedback system.

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