Important school html repls disappeared

My school html repls are missing

I was informed that one of the repls I sent for an assignment didn’t open, so I checked my account and all my repls were missing. The name of the repl I need is “HelpfulViciousRedundancy”. It would also be really nice to recover the other repls too.

Hi @BIAGIOSARRACINO welcome to the community!

I went to your profile page

and can see the Repl

Can you check in case you have accidentally logged out or are logged in as another user?

Replit is really annoying with unnamed repls, for you it will be in the folder titled something along the lines of “Unnamed Repls”

Folders are right above your repl list


It is a different repl. I tried to create another one with the same name to see if it would work but it didn’t.

Restore it from trash, open up the CLUI, and there should be a “trash” button.