Import * isn't working

Question: I coded a typescript file and set it to export *, then imported it as help into javascript, but help.function(); isn’t working. Why is this?

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function createEle(type: string, location: element, text?: string, classes?: string, onclickevent?: func, title?: string): element {
  const ele = document.createElement(type);
  if (text) ele.innerHTML = text;
  if (onclickevent) ele.addEventListener("click", onclickevent);
  if (classes) ele.classList.add(classes);
  if (title) ele.setAttribute('title', title);
  return ele;

export * from "./Helpers.ts";


import * as help from "./Helpers.ts";

help.createEle('div', help.get('body'), 'Hello World", 'show');