I'm not getting replit cycles for like/upvotes?

Am I missing something? I read (on a replit post) that you get 1 cycle per like on your replit project. I have posted one of my projects and got an upvote/like but didn’t receive a cycle… Am I missing something? As you can see there is 1 like/upvote on my project but I have not received a cycle for it. I am not very familiar with replit as I just got into the cycle thing a could days ago. Thanks in advance!

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That is wrong information. You do not get any cycles for likes on your Repls.


Hi! That clears up everything. I just wast 100% sure. Thanks!

I think that was someone suggesting an idea for that (but this is an unrealistic idea anyway).

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You get Cycles on repls if people tip them, but not with likes.

This is actually from when repl talk existed, and cycles were a form of reputation and did not actually be used to buy anything.

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