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I am super new to coding and am coding for an assignment for school and am having trouble doing an if statement assuming that’s what I should even be using but I want to be able to ask a question and have an if statement decide if the input is yes or no so it would be like if variable = yes print(“blahblah”) I don’t know if that’s even the best way to go about doing this but I am having a lot of trouble with it. Any help would be wonderful
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Hey there, we cannot help on any school assignments :smiley:

EDIT: just change if beverage == ("yes") to if beverage == "yes":

sigh ok

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I’m not asking for you to do my assignment I’m just asking for some help with putting in an if statement i’m sure if my teacher was here she would help me.

Edit: oh, thanks

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I added the answer :smiley:

That’s the parts thats easy but how could I make it do different things afterwards like print different strings depending on it being yes or no?

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with… an if statement

Should it not be an if statement i’m serously not sure if this is even the easiest way to do it

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Hey there, try this:

functions = {}
drink = None

def wrapper(command: str):
    global functions
    def within_wrapper(func):
        global functions
        functions[command] = func
    return within_wrapper

def yes_func():
    global drink
    drink = input("Hello! What drink would you like?")

def no_func():
    print("You chose no!")

def process_input(text: str, secondary_fall_back_text: str = ""):
    current = input(text)
    while True:
        if (current in functions):
            print("That is not a valid option. Please try again.")
            current = input(secondary_fall_back_text)

process_input("Would you like a drink?")
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This is actually super helpful thank you!

You’re welcome! I try to help around here, and welcome to the community as @sonicx180 would say

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