If I make an IDE would you use it?

If I made an IDE that doesn’t have costs and can run most major languages, would you use it?

  • Yes!
  • No!
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I’m making a simple Python interpreter as a side project, actually. Uses <py-script> tag.

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So it runs in websites?

It runs the Python script in websites, yes. Input is prompt, print displays simple text. I wonder what will happen if you put flask there, worse/better if it is a flask app already.

I recommend you make print and input for the console.

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Wait… you mean create a console?

No, I mean print is the equivalent of console.log

It depends. If it has rust-analyzer in it, I’m game.

I’m making a package where you can create HTML and CSS websites from Python.

Well, I’ll definitely try to add a Rust compiler!

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would you be able to host websites?

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Well, I do need a domain, so I need a profit.
I guess I’ll have to make hosting paid, or add a purchase to the IDE.
I can also make a HTML parser that shows the output of some HTML.

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where will you host it?

By “use”, I wouldn’t use it full-time. Like not a Replit replacement.

But sure I’d check it out

Y? Just let people use GH Pages or something. Like a seamless API integration

If I am understanding, “HTML parser” would be easy to make. You’d just go


I proposed something like this on AMC a while back and soon learned that something like this is unfeasible. The costs of running such a website that hosts web pages etc. will probably not be met for such an unknown project, and creating an IDE that people would actually switch to is a lot easier said than done. If you feel strongly about continuing, I would recruit a group of developers to help you because a task as big as that is super challenging as a solo developer. (not-ethan had DM’d me to be careful about Replit’s copyright and such, so please be careful not to infringe on Replit’s content)

@9pfs1 suggested creating an SSH server instead, where users can vitalize their own IDEs (VSCode, JetBrains, etc.) and simply use your hardware. As long as it stays generally hidden from the majority of the public, it should be cost-free and low maintenance, allowing a select number of users can connect to that server and program. Such a server should probably be on a Raspberry Pi, or at least a machine running some Linux distro (probably Debian is the best option)


Well, I think it’s an easy task, except for the interpreters and compiler.
I wasn’t planning to make one anyways.

What’s that?

I don’t have a Raspberry Pi or a Linux machine.

In theory, you wouldn’t create those yourself and rely on already existing interpreters/compilers for languages you want to support on whatever OS you’re going to use (this is very important and you should look into what OS your IDE will vitalize before continuing)

Alright, I stand corrected. Go for it then, I wish you good luck!

You should be able to develop on your computer, as long as the IDE itself is some Linux distro. A Raspberry Pi may help if you do not always want to keep your computer on, as all projects created using your IDE will be vitalizing your storage and CPU/RAM power. This is very extensive for a personal computer which is why I would recommend getting a Pi if all goes to plan (not for SSH just for hosting the service and better control over your hardware).


Wikipedia describes it better than I ever could :laughing:


@bobastley I could just make the files save to the user’s computer

…How would you do that with a website?

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btw I need a name for the IDE if I’m gonna make one.