I think autoscale deployments are broken

I cannot make requests to specific servers. For more detail, the website I’m working on is in python and uses requests to access an external server to get data. When I test it in the workspace everything is fine but when I deploy the project it returns an error because it can’t get a response from the external server. This is not a result of my code because it works perfectly fine before I deploy it, but the deployed version never works and for some reason cannot communicate with the other server, I know that the problem is not deployments being unable to make requests because I’ve done it before and it worked perfectly. Any clues as to how to fix this or is this just deployments being stupid? I’ll provide any further details I can

thanks guys, my project is only incapable of communicating securly for the time being

Did you check that you have the correct ports? maybe that’s where you have the problem


Also, could you explain more about the error you have? are you able to establish the connection? does your external server return any specific http code?

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Thanks for the response. The port config looks right.

I don’t get much of an error message. It fails to deploy during promote and I get: error: The deployment failed to initialize due to a configuration or code error. Check the logs tab for more information. For additional support, please post on https://ask.replit.com/c/help/13 and a staff member will take a look.

There is no error in the logs.