I need to clear my cache


I deleted my replit but my icon is still showing in the browser

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Hi @PopoolaFareedah , welcome to the forums!
Could you explain your problem more clearly?
Maybe send a screenshot?

My icon is still there after i deleted my replit

@PopoolaFareedah It’s for a website made with Replit, so whether Replit is installed does not matter, the website is still there.
Hope this helps!

How do i delete the website?

@PopoolaFareedah You need to login to Replit (you can use the browser version), and delete the repl that has the website.

I have deleted the replit but the icon is still there

I’m sorry, but what are you tring to achieve exactly? The tab can be closed.

How do i restore my deleted replit, a screenshot will do

I thoght you wanted to delete it?

I need the icon to not showw again,does replit have access to the icon?

You can close the tab.

Yes but then i wanna restore it and redelete it again.

Hey there @PopoolaFareedah!

According to the docs, you can restore a repl as so:

1. Go to your CLUI ← (that’s the link)


2. Go to trash

3. Go to restore-repl

4. Enter the name of the repl

(Note that a helpful list of recently deleted repl names pop up so it’s easier for you.)

You can also go to cli/trash/restore-repl for a direct link to the restore-repl button.

@PopoolaFareedah After that, you need to run your repl and then go to the tab with the icon, and it should display the actual website.

Thank you! I have found it! Thanks

Hey @PopoolaFareedah !
Has the icon disappeared?

No it hasn’t…i am back again… i have removed the link element, i have commented it out still the same, i need help

Hey, @PopoolaFareedah !

Can you please provide a link to the repl? This way it is easier for staff and members of the community to help you!

Also see this guide on how to share your code: