I need the Replit team to keep the original light theme

I think this is the classic theme for Replit. This classic light theme should be available for us to choose from. So please change the editor back to light theme and the console back to dark theme.


Welcome to Ask! You can always create your own theme.

But how can I change the theme of console?

It’s probably part of the theme. Play around with the theme colors in a custom theme and see what it does.

You can’t only change the console of a theme.

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I don’t think so. Now the editor and the console share the same background color.

It was really great to have different colours for console and editor ! Made things much easier to understand for newbies! Can you add this possibility: I’d like to make a theme with different color between types of windows (especially a dark console)


I agree. I recently started learning Python, and in the video tutorials I watched, like the excellent LinkedIn Learing course “Python for non-programmers” (releaseed end of 2021), Replit still had the ‘old’ light theme, with the dark console, and even the syntax colors where much better, I suppose it was more “Java-style”, at least it was more distinguishable, less fade and less confusing like now.