I need people to help make and test my game

I need people to help make and test my game. Also you need to be active. This game will be made using p5.js and socket.io.

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I can test it! And maybe I can help…
So can you send a link to your game?

Hi, I am interested and would like to test the game.

@Bedrockminer I can be a tester for the game, I wont be able to help out with code.

Sorry for not inviting you guys, i completely forgot about this post lol

@Bedrockminer Is this a project being made by limegreengd?

no it is not for some reason. Also I’m making it with p5.js and socket.io :slight_smile:

I canceled work on the game, even though it was in very very early development, and I a going to start work on a new game. I will add some of the people here who want to help develop it(it’s going to be in p5.js and socket.io again yay) If you said here that you want to test it, and you now want to start developing it, reply to this post.