I need more game ideas please

I’ve run out of ideas to make games with, which is why I’ve been so in-active. I don’t care what genre or what language the game is in or what the storyline is. I just don’t care, I NEED IDEAS PLS. Of course, I could just use my game idea generator but the game ideas are too complicated, please give me ideas.


Make a multiplayer game that is basically a multiplayer version of a board game, ex monopoly or guess who or something that is something you need multiple people to play with. This should be a website, not a nonsense app you have to install. A website makes it so there is more compatibility and stuff I guess. Have 3 modes; a chat version to communicate, a voice chat version that uses webrtc, and a mode where AI (if you want, you could use llama 2 + deepinfra if you don’t want to pay for AI) plays with you and communicates with you. You can make rooms and share links to share with your friends. If you’re not together, use WebRTC. Also have an anonymous thing where you can connect with anyone randomly, not just your friends but voicechat is disabled.

this will make you work maybe :eyes:


You could make a YouTube type of simulator. Where you record videos and have to take care of your needs (eating, sleeping, and excitment) to try to be the #1 YouTuber. You can get better houses, and when you are with your parent of some kind you have to study. → Youtubers Life - Wikipedia

You can add your own spin on it too. You could make it a console game or whatever.

you could make a PR on GitHub - py660/MusiGuesser: Hey, I know that song!
Or make something similar (not music, but movies maybe?)

You can develop a trivia quiz game with questions covering a wide range of topics, from pop culture to history. Players can challenge their knowledge and compete for high scores.Create intriguing maze puzzles with varying levels of complexity. Players would have to find their way through these mazes to reach a goal.How about designing a game where players take on the role of managing a virtual restaurant, shop, or theme park? They’d serve customers and meet specific objectives to keep things exciting.You can also check out joywallet.com for some financial tips and ideas to fund your game development journey.

A turn-based combat RPG, similar to final fantasy 1-6