I need help with my code im trying to make a roblox on replit so at school people can play

o I though he was taking the concept of roblox and just outright coding it

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how can i watch youtube when it is blocked by the internet?

then how are ‘unblocked’ games like sten unblocked up on replit?

Most of those got broken by the deployments change, AFAIK.


pls some one to make Roblox to work anytime

what code should I put to make Roblox work

Hey @jesseakhimien08!

Roblox on Replit is considered a proxy that bypasses restrictions and therefore won’t work on Replit because of their changes to running and forking. I hope this helps!


Wdym? It can still be run

@boston2029 after Replit changed to you having to Fork to Run, it doesn’t allow you to fork Proxies that are considered to allow you to bypass restrictions.