I need help with my code im trying to make a roblox on replit so at school people can play

will someone look at it and help me fix it

Current behavior:
it is not working

Desired behavior

i’m trying to make roblox on replit but it wont work
Repl link:

code snippet

It’s against the ToS so replit will block it


Wait what part of the TOS does it break?


no it’s not, if the person recreates it all from scratch. like with a game library or something.
also, welcome to the community!


@sonicx180 but it does not sound like they are trying to do that…
Here’s the part of tos it breaks:

Section 4:
24: Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;

why did you delete post?

Oh, the person is making a proxy? nvm, that’s not allowed.


He’s not, he’s just trying to recreate rblx from scratch. Also its only against TOS if it clearly states its used for circumventing any firewalls.


Uh no, this is completely against TOS. The reason that rule even exists is so Replit doesn’t get in trouble with schools, I didn’t completely read the title before replying, but it actually says that they are trying to play Roblox in school soooo…

Ok but he’s trying to re-create Roblox from scratch, not create a proxy to unblock it.

No, looking at the code he is attempting to log into Roblox by recreating the login page. This won’t work.


The repl was deleted for a violation of TOS, also, great job by the Staff team for helping out the forums :+1: (srry autocorrect lol)

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It wasn’t a violation, and the repl is still up lol.

Wait so then why do I get an error lol

how do you play on your Chromebook School

Sorry @ldhaiti059, we can’t help you bypass your school’s restrictions. It’s against the ToS to use Replit to evade firewalls. (Proxies and such will meet this criteria)


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No? They want to make a Repl that can run the Roblox application.

no proxies allowed
also it violates the law as that would be copyright

No it’s not. That’s like saying downloading Google Chrome is illegal.

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