I need a coding partner to help with a tideous JSON and optionally other things

Alright so i found a project i made a while ago on replit and i want to expand on it.
its like a fake programming language ran by node.JS (and maybe other programming languages in the future). but for now i want help with JSON. for now heres the JSON for now (its very barebones)
{ "DefaultModules": [{ "ModName": "console", "Commands": [ { "Name": "message" "OtherNames": ["log", "msg", "send", "sendmsg", "sendmessage"] "Description": "The Equivalent of the console.log command in javascript." } ] }]

this is the repl link: https://replit.com/@yooperhunter8/HUNSCRIPT
(it isnt from a team account because i moved it to keep it private and i might not be able to add other users to it)

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Hello, @yooperhunter8!
I am very interested in JSON and I would love to help! I even have a few ideas!

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Alright. Ill add you to the repl but my laptop is dying