I made a python module

No kidding, I actually did. Here’s a repl showcasing it:
Here’s the PyPi link:
colorsdude-g1gabyteDEV · PyPI
And here’s the install command:

python3 -m pip install colorsdude-g1gabyteDEV



Pretty cool,huh?
Honestly its just a rip-off colorama module but its fine lolz. But yeah I still prefer colorama since it also has style

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How do you create your own module and publish it? It was quite confusing when i went to the link above… :thinking:

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See the last part of this: How to make a python library in replit


Which link? The pypi link is what you get once you publish it.

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That’s a… very very long name. Does it only have colors or something else too?

nice, it’s a pretty cool feeling when you publish your first package


Use the official PyPi guide in VS Code.

No such thing as a “rip-off” when it comes to console colors, colorama just uses ansi color codes nothing special.

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VS code? Most users here use replit afaik , because this is the replit forum.