I just got two warnings for "tier two blacklisted words"

Apologies if the category is incorrect…

I just got two warnings and I have no idea what for? I haven’t commented anything I believe is fowl, is there a way to view the contents of these?

(Dunno how to add photos on phone)

What kind of warnings?
Messages from @system ?

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Hey @prisems!

Please upload screenshots of the warnings.


Tier two blacklisting is nothing to be too concerned about; it simply means you can’t publish your Repl. Just wanted to relieve any stress the situation might cause. Now, as for the cause, the Replit auto-moderation bot sometimes makes small mistakes. I had it blacklist me once for using the number “455” in the description and it decided it was meant to be letters and got angry. So, it could be something simple that nobody would ever think about.

Could you provide the link to your Repl? We’ll be able to see it and its description (unless it’s private); you just can’t publish it at the moment.


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What were you trying to say?

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I dunno the only comments I’ve made in a while were replying to you and slade on my repl about my username? I honestly have no idea

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It seems that replit didn’t like the word “hell”


But apparently Ask is fine with it lol. It doesn’t surprise me about Replit; it does a pretty good job finding these things.


Hello! Sorry I’m very late, been traveling, but I’m going to jump into the discussion rq;

On our side:

  • Your warning was duplicated and that is most certainly a mistake, I will look into reproing this and fixing it
  • I will also look into adding context to the warning text itself to make this process easier

On your side:

  • We don’t necessarily like profanity in the community, there are certain contexts where very light profanity can slide but our automod bots can’t determine the context so you got warned
  • Ideally you should submit a warn appeal to us so we can properly triage your request, this can be done on https://contact.moderation.repl.co

What will happen:

  • I’ll remove your warnings, since I’ve explained the context surrounding profanity consider this a verbal warning :slight_smile:

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