I found a bug when using the replit extension called "Discord Rich Presence"

Problem description:
The extention wont work after I unadded the app from my discord account and then reinstalled it.

Expected behavior:
It should re-popup with a window to add it to my discord account and then change my discord accounts activity to what I am doing on Replit.

Actual behavior:
It does nothing and gives the error: “Failed To Send Rich Presence Packet: 500”.

Steps to reproduce:
Install extension
Accept Permissions
Accept Discord App
Go to discord settings > Authorised Apps > Replit
Then hover over it and click Deauthorise
Then uninstall Replit extension
Then reinstall Replit extention

Bug appears at this link:
When installing again (There is no link)

Mac Mini / OSX / Safari


Same issue. @rayhanadev could you fix it?


@RayhanADev please fix this as 6 people seem to have the same issue!

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Hey there! I’m not sure if your supposed to reach out on the ask forum for extensions. Try contacting them with their dev email!

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