I can't run my code, I don't know why

Problem description

I can’t run anything on the console.

Expected behavior

When I try to run something simple or even more complex, the console must show something.

Actual behavior

Instead, it stays in black, showing nothing. The interesting thing is that when I try to run an old code, it works. Also, everything seems fine on my phone.

Steps to reproduce

I try to run print(‘something’), but doesn’t show anything, including new codes.


Opera, Chrome


Windows 11

Device if mobile



free tier

Please upload screenshots

Can you try Chrome Incognito mode as a test?

Also, may I ask if you can invite me to your Repl? Maybe I’ll see something as a collaborator that I can’t see when forking it.

Here is my username for the invite:

I’ve tried to do it on Chrome Incognito, and Opera aswell but it doesn’t work. Maybe I should try another browser? or maybe it’s a bug with the zoom, some guy told me that on Replit Help.