I can't download repl zip files

So, I have recently ran into an issue with replit and that issue is with download repls as a zip file. Whenever i try to do this it comes up with a 404 page saying that the page doesn’t exist, I also asked other people if they could see the same thing as me (the 404 page) and they confirmed it is happening to them too.
Can anybody please help me with this issue?

I am unable to repro this on FF dev edition 109.0b6 Windows 11

I’m on Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0, The OS Build is 19045.2364
Here’s a screenshot of what im dealing with

I am trying to download multiple repls from one of my old private replit account that i lost access to and trying to individually replicate all of the repl files with vsc, will take a long time to do. And i then found out that i could download zip files of repls so i copied the link of the repls i wanted to download from my old account (it would look like this https://replit.com/@User/ReplName) then i added a .zip extension to the end of the url. I hit enter but it never downloaded a zip file instead it showed up with a 404 page. The site permissions is perfectly fine it has the permissions to download things and stuff (The Ad Blocker is also disabled) but it never downloaded a zip file instead it lead me to a 404 page.

I think that’s a new feature they added, that only the Repl owner (and probably invited users) can download their Repls.

If thats the case, how can i download my old repls?

Hi @JakeWoodburg is there any way you can get access to your old account by requesting a password reset? Or is this linked to an email account that no longer exists?

As @IanAtReplit said, you’d need access to your old account to download the Repls.