HTML not showing up in webview

I did not do anything , but “Webview” did not show anthing

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And i want to know if i change its name ,then what should i do to make it found HTML(they are different files)

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Invite me to your program and I can take a look at it form there. There’s a lot going on that might need to change

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Hi there! Heads up, just edited your topic title to be more descriptive. That will hopefully help others who want to jump in help more, too!

Did you hit run on the project?

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The repl will automatically run the index.html file. If you change the name of that file or remove an index.html file, it won’t be able to run, so you’ll have to reconfigure your run button.

You can learn how to configure your run button in our docs here.

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Is your repl running?

Open a new tab and type and it should work.

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sounds like a solution, but i don’t know how to edit it

I use “visual studio code” to code HTML, and it can run. i want to backup, but i don’t really know how replit working.

the first one is working now. it just need more time for lording.

Not there. Open a new tab in your browser.

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