How to use Stable Diffusion API (or how to find it?)

Heya! I’m trying to use Stable Diffusion but I can’t seem to find the api for it. Could you help with this? If you want to provide a code example, I recommend using node.js. Thanks!

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not found. Thanks for trying though!

try amasad’s :smiley:


uhh, not sure it works. Doesn’t amajad have to pay for it?

um, yes you can use it to my knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:

nvm it does work. only question I have is does amajad have to pay for it?

I think he’s using what is laid out by IroncladDev, I’m sure it costs like a small amount per generation; hope it’s not too bad for him :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, thanks for that.

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