How to use mail in replit in php from an html forum

if i use the mail() function it wont work and wont send the email if i use phpmailer its the same my php code using phpmailer: fork it solve the issue and send me the fork link

Replit isn’t setup for SMTP/POP3 so you have to use another SMTP server. Most popular one I’ve seen is using Google’s SMTP server with an app password


i am using google smpt how to use it in replit

Hi @shamilpallath have you had a look at this post?

Although it is Python the idea is the same. Hope it helps point you in the right direction.

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let me check i know python

There is a day in 100 Days of Code, I belive it is Day 97 or 98, that covers the portion about sending emails through Python, as well as app passwords from google. You can check that out.
From the tutorial on 100 Days of Code, I have edited it to make an email sender. Link:

thank you i tried using python flask and it worked

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