How to Unpublish a Repl?

Trying to submit a repl as template. Error says:

Already published, unpublish before submitting template.

Hence, how do I unpublish unable to find the feature.

It’s the same for templates and normal Repls. I had a template open so that’s what it’s a screenshot of. You find this by clicking on the title of the Repl.


You can also go to the cover page and unpublish by clicking the 3 dots and clicking unpublish


This option wasn’t showing up, I was looking for this right here.

However it does show up in the 3 dot menu on cover page.

Ideally should be more accessible.

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Thanks, it used to be more easily accessible if I remember correctly.

I do not remember it. Feel free to make a feature request in #feature-requests if you want another button some where

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