How to turn HTML, CSS And Javascript into static site?


I want to deploy this replit to a static site:
Processes3 - Replit

I click deployments, then click static site but it wants a public directory and build command.

What do I put in these?

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leave this blank since you aren’t using any generators / pre-processors


I put “./” as the public directory.

I get error when building:

2023-12-01T18:08:55Z fatal: could not create static archive

It might be trying to upload the hidden folders which could be too large :person_shrugging: Try moving the files you want to serve into a folder and using that folder as the public directory.

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I moved the html, css and javascript to a “public” directory and changed the paths in index.html to script.js and style.css and so on.

Unfortunately when I deploy, it works on the statically deployed domain here

but when I press “play” in replit IDE the javascript doesn’t load anymore unless i change it to include “public”

How do i get both the deployment and the local deployment to work?

  1. Click ⋮ (in the sidebar) > Show hidden files
  2. Edit .replit file so it has
directory = "/public"


That fixed it. Thank you a lot UMARismyname :clinking_glasses:

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