How to tell a student they need to improve their work?

If I am marking work, if I am happy with it then I click mark as reviewed. OK I get that.

If there are problems with it and I want them to improve it do I…

  • Unsubmit
  • Unsubmit and then mark as reviewed.

What’s the difference between these two options from my perspective and from a student’s perspective?

Hi @dluther_shs I think that’s up to the individual teacher to decide and share with their class but I’m happy to let you know what I do.

If work is submitted to me on Teams for Edu I look at their response and add comments in threads where appropriate. Sometimes they need to revisit a certain section of the code so I use Threads to highlight this.

If the code meets the standards I mark as reviewed. If not then I click unsubmit and mention to the student via our LMS (Google Classroom) there are projects to revisit.

Hope this helps!