How to switch between different tabs with shortcut

I have like two tabs in replit one is where I obv currently learning to code and other one is console. I just wanna ask how can I toggle between two?
I don’t want to use mouse again and again since I don’t have Lol

One way i found on internet is to use “escape key” first then tab again and again until it selects the tab I want. ( Not sure if tab is right word to call, This is my first time using it replit)

I believe there is a shortcut right? Let me know please thanks

The TAB key switches between mouse selectable elements.

Hey @PraveenKumar451! Welcome to the community!

There is no way to properly switch between two files. The closest that you can use Ctrl + P, which it will open up a menu with the files that are visible in the file sidebar that you can use your arrow keys to move to the file you want to edit.

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