How to run a file other than

I just made a new .py file, but for some reason when I print output it ONLY works for my…as in the console only works properly if the code is in and it will completely ignore any code in the new .py file I created…any ideas on what to do?

When you slick RUN it only run, but this can be changed by modifying the .replit file

see here

That happens because the run and entrypoint in .replit is set to only, and not To solve this, click on the three dots on the filemenu, click show hidden files, and go to .replit. Change the entrypoint variable to

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Just click the three dots then click “Show hidden files”. Next click on the .replit file and finally you can change the entrypoint to whatever file you want to run.

You can also change the second line from run="run_command_for_lang" to run="run_command_for_lang", though it won’t have an effect for interpreted languages as shown in the comment on line 1.



Show hidden files


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