How to make C++ game

Does anyone know how to make a simple C++ game?

I have made a tic-tac-toe game in C++. I started out with a text-based adventure game (a choose your own adventure game).

If you need help learning C++ you could use W3Schools. Or if you want to jump into making a game you could follow this tutorial. I hope this helps!


If you’re not familiar with C++ yet, definitely get familiar with it before you attempt to make a game. I would recommend for this, contrary to what SalladShooter said; W3Schools is pretty bad for C++.

Once you know C++ well enough, using simple frameworks like SDL2 of SFML or even Raylib are pretty easy to just start using by looking at some examples and documentation, without using a full blown tutorial.

If you’d like to go further with this, then I would sugest OpenGL (LearnOpenGL - OpenGL) which is used for high performance 2D but more likely 3D games.