How to make a working password page

I want to add a password page to my replit but it just refreshes the page can anyone give some suggestions? Here is the repl:


Use <form> tag. In the form tag create tag <input /> with attribute “type=‘password’”. It will replace all letters what you will write here to the “*”, but in JS your password will be showed. Create a db and save user’s password


You can use Replit DB. Check it in the extensions or in in the new tab.
Then, just follow steps in the tutorial of Replit DB.

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Yeah but I want it to check if the password is right when i submit and if it is I want it to bring me to a dif page

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You must use JS frameworks like Socket or other to send user’s data to a server.

I can’t help you, sorry
But you can find info in the StackOverFlow

In short, you cannot really make a password system without a backend. (HTML/JS/CSS is only a front end)
If you had a backend you could make working forms and store user data in a DB.

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I’m not going for like a full password system, all I want is a page where you type in the passcode just to get into the page because all I want is a password protected page not a full make a password and stuff

I think he wants to make a “secret” page that is only accessible when you have the right code.

    <input type="password" id="passwordInput" />
    <button onclick="checkPassword()">Enter</button>

    <div id="protectedContent" style="display: none;">
        <!-- All the details about the "secret" page goes here -->

        var secretCode = "yourSecretCode";  // replace with your code

        function checkPassword() {
            var input = document.getElementById("passwordInput").value;

            if (input === secretCode) {
                document.getElementById("protectedContent").style.display = "block";
            } else {
                alert("Wrong code");

But again, any person with basic knowledge can access the source code and see the password to access the page.
If you want to guard any sensitive data I would highly suggest that you definitely use server-side authentication, and consider using a standard like OAuth.


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