How to make a window in C++

I just want to make a window in C++.
No matter how far I search, I can’t find something that actually works.
btw the result of VS wizard looks too confusing to me
OS: Windows
Compiler: Visual Studio


To get windows in c++ you have to set up the win32 library and then you can make windows.

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@Cartellano Win32 looks too confusing to me

Here’s a tutorial that might help:

:smile: It’s definitely not easy, but following a tutorial will help you learn.

Alternatively you could use a library like SDL which makes things much easier and allows you to focus on content:

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That one’s not bad, but

  1. it doesn’t tell me how to add content to the screen
  2. the screen has a fixed size, which I dislike

There was a tutorial I watched a long while ago about making pong with C++ win32 that I thought was really good, I’ll see if I can find that for you. :smile:

@SnakeyKing I found it:

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