How to kick all students out of an assessment

I use replit to give assessments. Is there a way to make sure all students are out of an assessment?

Right now a student can submit, but then they can still change their code and submit again. Sure I can look at the times to determine if a student worked past a certain time but that seems unnecessary. Turning off (unpublishing) an assessment doesn’t kick them, like I was hoping.

Ultimately, I would like to have a way to kick and unpublish. Thoughts?

there is no way to kick students from repls they have made on their account if you had made a replit and added them all to it and had them make their own folder then you could but with this i dont think you can do anyting about it

I made it in my teacher account, inside a team. I added them to the team (classroom) and then they took the test I made. How about in that situation? They work on them individually.

Hi @dhust thanks for your question.

The functionality of Teams for Edu is such that students retain access to the Repl from when they click “Start project”. This is to allow them to edit and submit their work multiple times if needed.

I use Replit for assessments but make private Repls for each student in my group using a Hacker plan and then share the link with them individually (I make a spreadsheet to store the URLs to share and keep track of their Replit username). When students are in class to sit their assessment I add their username to the private Repl so they can edit it otherwise they see a 404 error.

Hope this helps.

Yikes. It seems like I’m being suggested that as an educator, with an educator plan (very appreciative of btw), I have to not use an educator plan to do educator things. Sorry if that sounds a bit aggressive. It’s actually discouragement mixed with some disappointment.

All that’s really needed is a button that I can click, which I would use after class, that would redirect all the students in my class, who are on that assessment’s URL, to replit’s homepage. And since I’ve already unpublished the assessment, that would mean they wouldn’t be able to reopen the assessment.

Hi @dhust I fully understand what you want to do but Teams for Edu wasn’t designed to deploy assessments in the way that you and I want to at the moment. It is designed to propagate a teacher-created project to multiple users with a single click.

There is a solution using the Hacker plan / Cycles which I used before Teams for Edu launched their free service. I’m sorry that this isn’t suitable for your needs.

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