How to get url like this: in mobile?


Replit Profile:

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by “layout”?

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That is the one if you want more info we can chat in discord

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That is a URL, not a layout. And please provide the necessary info here instead of on Discord so others can help as well.


It’s quite simple; you just need to run a web server in any of your Repls or use the HTML template. is the base for all sites on Replit. Unless you link a custom domain, it won’t matter.


Hi @mizzezhicks , welcome to the forums!
You can just click ‘Run’ and if your program has a web framework or cimponent, it will open the Webview tab and you can click the popout box button to access the website on the browser, or view it on the Webview.
Hope this helps!

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