How to get the website's url from webview?

Hey guys does anyone know why I cant get a live URL for this flask app?

Hi @RoryIQDesk , welcome to the forums!
Press the New tab button to open the website in a new tab.
Then, copy the full url in the address abr.
If this is a bot you want to use on Slack all the time, you’ll need to deploy your repl as Autoscale since it has a webserver, and it will turn on whenever there is an incoming request. (But why are you using Flask if there are no routes? It may as well not use Flask at all?)

Im going to attach openai.api to it later i think

Hey Nate, thanks for getting bsck to me! I was following a tutorial from replit on how to make a slack bot. The tutorial was 9 months old and the guy was just using the liveURL to test with slack

Hi @RoryIQDesk !
Thanks for the clarification, I get it now.
Does the getting the url steps work? Or do you encounter any issues when following the steps?

When i run the app i get a 404 error

Ah, that happens as there isn’t a route. In your code, I see the route being commented out. If you remove the comments and re-run your repl, you would see ‘Hello world!’ In the webpage. As the route itself doesn’t do anything, that was why I asked why the Flask app was necessary.

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Yeah I got that bit working, unfortunately slack doesn’t accept that URL and was hoping to be able to get this live URL with the project name and username

does replit still support live username URLs?

Unfortunately, that was removed. You can try deploying your repl as Autoscale and get the url from there.
Note: deployments are paid.

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This method is not working now can you give us another method to copy webviwe