How to edit a replit database

i am using a replit database to store account data and i was wondering if posible how to check key data or edit it directly to one key as a way to add money to a account on my game

if some one can convert this for me i will compensate you

You can use 9pfs/replit-db-cli: Command-line client for Replit Database - replit-db-cli - Gitea On Replit

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@aydenbg If that doesn’t work, try using the API with cURL.

I made a Repl for editing Replit Databases but there’s currently a bug when editing values. But it works fine for seeing the contents and deleting stuff.

The link is here.

Btw I fixed all bugs just now so you’re welcome to use it if you want.

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You don’t paste your Repl’s link (if it worked like that, anyone could edit your database).

You have to go to your Repl’s shell and type echo $REPLIT_DB_URL, and then paste that URL.

Yea I did and it didn’t load at all

Was the link you got similar to

Also, can you check if there are any errors in the console so I can fix them?

yes that is the link i can try agian to see any errors

it worked now but it messed up my database and i had to reset over 100 accounts bro why

I’m sorry it did that, but it works fine for me, so I don’t know why that happened.

you caused my game to die cause when i edited it it deleted all my accounts and now no one wants to play it :sob::cry::sob::exploding_head:

I’m very sorry, I don’t know why that happened. I’ll be adding a backup button so you can download a backup of your database before editing, so if anything happens again you can restore it.

Sorry to hear that your Repl database was corrupted. Have you tried using version history on the Repl to see if you can get a backup copy? I have a feeling you may have already tried this though.

Another option would be to contact Replit Support and let them know the date your database was last valid and ask if they can investigate / recover your database. You can do this by clicking on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl.

ok i will try that but most of my users have just made new accounts alredy