How to do Educator Verification?

I’m a professor and I’m trying to try out the Teams for Education. I went to Teams and then clicked to try it out for free, but when I try to create an Organization it doesn’t let me and says my organization limit has been reached. I’ve never created a team in replit before, although a friend added me last year to a fake assignment as a student to let me see how it works from the student side. I’ve left that team. Searching for help listed that you needed to get verified as an educator, but the only directions I can find say to click on a link under Teams that doesn’t seem to exist. How do I get verified as an educator and get access to education functionality? Thanks.

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You can verify yourself as an educator by going to and filling out the form. Replit will review your form, and you should be verified soon.

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When I click on that link it takes me to the Teams view under my account and there is no form.

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And if I open it in an incognito window I get a 404 error.

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Hey there! Your account had a student role. I have verified it as a teacher. Enjoy!


Thank you! It works now.

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