How to change your avatar and username on replit ask

How do you changer your username and profile picture on replit ask?

Hey @Sagestone!

To change your username, you can go to the CLUI and click on Account, there will be an option to modify your username (this only works once).

To modify your profile picture, go to your profile and click on your profile picture, there will be an option to modify it.

(Actually, after reading the question more carefully, this is Replit Ask. I don’t think you can change your username on Replit Ask without changing the username at Replit.)


To summarize/clarify what lilchiky said, your Replit Ask account is linked to your Replit account. So to change your username here, you have to change your username there.

As for profile picture here, it’s separate from your Replit one. For changing your Ask pfp you can just click your profile in the top right, press the person icon, press Preferences, and then press the Pencil icon next to profile picture.


Heres a link to the page to change your pfp here on Replit Ask


Thanks for the help :smiley:

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