How Should I Keep My Bot Running If I Turn Off my PC?

wassup, this time i need to keep my bot running even if i go afk, close my replit window or turn off my pc

Hi @HirukaRogue!
I would usually say use Always On, but since Always On is now deprecated and soon to be removed completely, I would use a deployment. Then again, if you have a souped up PC that you made yourself (like me) or spent like $5,000 on it, just leave your computer on and turn off your monitor lol (that’s what I do).

i see, deployment, how do i use deployment?

Replit offers multiple deployment methods: Autoscale deployments, Static Deployments and Reserved VMs.

Maybe these pages will help:

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To keep my Python bot running forever, I added a Flask server to the bot in the file and asynchronously launched it. Then I connected it to the Uptimerobot server link.

The bot will work slowly, but for free, and almost without turning off.

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oh that’s sounds perfect, how do i connect it to the uptimerobot?

I think there might be an issue: IIRC, Replit has problems with Uptimerobot. You cannot use Uptimerobot on Replit anymore.


I would suggest deployments instead, it is a better option.


Really? How long has this been going on?

There has been a fair bit of topics about it. Search ‘Uptimerobot not working’ in Ask.


I launched my bot before some of the Uptimerobot themes were created, but my bot is still working properly.


i see, guess i will need help on how to create deployment, cus it seems like a replit when creating, so it’s confuse

when i create a deployment it redirects me to create a new replit, is that normal? Even thought i already have a replit?

No, this is not normal.

why that happens then when i try to create a deploy?

This seems to be a bug. I would contact the Replit support team.

qhat did they responded RedCoder? Or they still didn’t responded

I personally am not sure of the best way to reach them.

@HirukaRogue I have notified Replit staff of your issue

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Hi, where are you creating the deployment from? From inside of a Repl? Or from the /deployments page?