How do we turn off automatic code suggestions and that pop-up block in 100 Days?

Describe your feature request
When I am working in the 100 Days of Code there is a feature which suggests code and it pops up and spoils the fun of figuring it out yourself. I’d like to turn that off.

There also is a pop-up window that appears whenever it thinks you’re typing something that resembles a feature within Python. For instance, when you type in answer. Before you can even type the s in answer it thinks you might be typing and so it brings up an anoying window that blocks your view telling you what the and boolean is for.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Turning off these suggestions would make coding a lot more fun.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Typing anything that starts to resemble a Python feature it tries to guess what you’re doing and begins to spam you with information about what it thinks you’re doing.

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Hi @RockyFR , welcome to the forums!
You mean the AI Autocomplete? You can go to Tools > User Settings > AI Autocomplete > Off and you won’t have the code appearing.
You can always turn it on anytime.
Hope this helps!

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Thats going to help but the bigger issue is the hits and suggestions that pop up right where I’m typing. Code intelligence switch might handle that problem.

Code Intelligence being disabled also removes some syntax highlighting but it decreases some RAM/CPU usage.

I can not find that Tools > User Settings > AI Autocomplete > Off

Are you using mobile or laptp? It doesn’t appear on mobile IIRC.