How do I make my repl's not public?

Hi, my account was recently upgraded to a teacher account. Are all my previous repls still public? If so, can I make them not public?

They are still public. The only way to make them private is to get hack plan or buy cycles.

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Okay, thanks. What are cycles?

Cycles FAQ

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well… the only way that they want you to know and is officially guaranteed to work forever*

Hey, MKubisz.
If you are on a hacker plan then open up one of your REPLs in the editor then once you’re in it then click your REPLs name on the top to open up a menu where you can add a description and change visibility.


Hi @MKubisz, the info others shared is true, but since it looks like you’re a teacher, you can create new repls as Team Projects in a Team for Education. They’ll be private for both you and your students. You can learn more about this here !