How do i get result tab for link for hosting

My project is made in TypeScript & i am not getting the result tab for hosting plz tell me what to do

Hey @Code143 welcome to the forums!

Can you please include a link to the repl?

It may be due to the error I get on line 237 (Client.js) when I run your program

what should i do now to fix it?

Hi @Code143

I ran your Repl (thanks for the link) and saw the following error message:

Can you confirm you have set up a bot application on Discord (see the Discord Developer Portal)?

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yes i have setup a bot application

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what should i do to get the result tab for hosting?

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Hi @Code143 where have you put the token so far? In the secrets?

You don’t have to tell me the token but if you could give me an indication of where you’ve put it in your Repl it would be useful.

yes it is in the secrets