How do I access all of the units for the Intro to CS with Python (ICS3U) curriculum?

I’m interested in using the various units from the Intro to CS with Python (ICS3U) listed in the Curriculum Hub with my class in Teams for Education, however, I can only seem to access Unit 1. How can I access the rest of the course?

Hey, @sjanveau welcome to the forums.

It looks like there is only 1 unit for that so that why you only see 1.

@Ethan is right, but the brilliant @MissStrong wrote that great unit and might be able to help you out!


I have the rest of the units available here:

Unfortunately it doesn’t show the projects in the correct order or sort the projects into units, but you can refer to this PDF to see what it’s supposed to look like supposed to be: ICS3U Replit.pdf - Google Drive

If you want the solutions or any of the non-programming assignments that go with the course, feel free to email me at


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Fantastic! Thank you!