How can I send a custom JSON message to the client using ruby Sinatra?


How can I send the client a custom json message?

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In my main.rb file I have

post '/login' do
  data = JSON.parse(
  username = data['username']

  content_type :json
  { message: 'success' }.to_json

This is supposed to log the username, and return the message success to the frontend.

This is what I have in the JS:

document.getElementById('y').innerHTML = response.message;

This takes the json response from the server and puts it into an HTML element.

This is correct code of html

I found out that the server sends back a status code, so using that information I was able to create this in JS that takes the status code and “translates” it into something for the user to see.

if (response.status = 200) {

This also allows for me to add on more status code responses.


Wait, you want to parse the JSON content received?

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