How can i run a script 24/7

how can i run my script 24/7 for free (for a discord bot)

If you are just using a script, you can use Replit’s always on upgrade to run it 24/7. If you don’t want to pay, open a http port and ping the repl using UptimeRobot or other services for pinging.

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You probably need to look at deployments as “always on” is not truly always on (something that bothers me) TBH

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Try Heroku if you want to take the time to set it up, check the pricing just to be sure.

no its not free anymore

darn, why are so many places switching to paid. tsk tsk, capitalism sucks

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Somebody needs to pay the bill … if you want not to see the bill, get a low power computer board and make a server using ddns as a way to overcome the variable up address.
But that will eventually hit your connection limitations in term if traffic as well … so bills are unavoidable.
Best is ti make something that pays for itself.