How can I get people to notice my Repl?

I spent ages on the repl but nobody seems to see how can i fix it.

can you please send a repl link?

what problems do you have?

nobody seems to like it.

that’s not a problem though, that’s just that it’s not popular

um ok but can you please tell us if there is a code problem, otherwise there’s nothing we can do

how could i make it popular

there’s nothing you can do; if it’s not popular it’s not popular

Did you publish the repl so it shows up in the Community tab?

it’s published iirc but he’s basically saying it’s not trending which is like: bruh you just need to get lucky

I checked and it is published.

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I mean you can make a post in #general:showcase with this guide:

Which probably won’t get you on trending but it exposes your Repl to more people.

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yes i did post it in the community

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