How can I check the orange/red underlines (minor errors/errors) to see what the actual problem is in mobile?

Yeah, I’m in the mobile app, trying to edit and debug my code, but the problem for me isn’t debugging the code, it’s learning what the problem is in the first place. I can’t seem to be able to access the thing that actually tells you what the problem is from mobile, and I want to know how I can.

my solution to this is just run the program, since I have seen so many false alarms, running the program gives you better error message on lines (if it’s really an issue)

though I don’t think it is possible for mobile users to see whats wrong there, I haven’t found any way to do so in 2 years


Hi @eduardoglz12 , welcome to the forums!
Does tapping on the characters with the underline show the popup error? IIRC you could do that.