Hosting viber bots on replit

I’ve been trying to host a viber bot on replit, but things aren’t working out very well. I’ve tried with nodejs and python. Using nodjs to start the program i get stuck in a crash loop with this error message:

Using python, i managed to get it running with no error messages, but it didn’t actually work. I believe this is to do with the viberbot library looking for ssl certificate files. I removed the check in the python program so that could explain it. And if that’s the case, can i make it work without the ssl files?
Can i get a viber bot hosted on replit? And if yes, how?

Hey, @NikiTricky welcome to the forums.

Can you please share a link to the repl with us?

Sure, but i deleted the nodejs one. I’ll try to reproduce it.
Here is the python repl: